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Sur la terre comme au ciel - Ensemble Discantus & Alla Francesca

Sur la terre comme au ciel.
Un jardin au Moyen-Âge
Ensemble Discantus - Brigitte Lesne / Alla Francesca - Pierre Hamon
  1. Anon., conductus: Salve rosa venustatis
  2. Hildegard, antiphon: O pulchrae facies
  3. Anon., motet: Ave parens / Ad gratie
  4. Anon., offertory: Iustus ut palma V / Plantatus in domo Domini
  5. Anon., prosa: Portum in ultimo
  6. Anon., motet: Iohannes doce nos / Internatos mulierum
  7. Anon., motet: Alle psallite cum luya
  8. Anon., estampie: Tierche estampie royale
  9. Jacques de Cambrai, chanson pieuse: Retrowange novele
  10. Guillaume d'Amiens, rondeau: Prendes i garde Anon., motet: S'on mi regarde / Prennes i garde
  11. Gace Brulé, chanson: L'an que voi l'erbe resplandre
  12. Machaut, virelai: J'aim sans penser laidure
  13. Anon., canon: Sing cucu / Sumer is icumen in
  14. Anon / Machaut, diminution: De toutes flours
  15. Machaut, rondeau: Doulz viaire gracieux
  16. Machaut, ballade: J'aime mieux languir
  17. Johanes Vaillant, virelai: Par maintes fois
  18. Anon., estampie: Petrone
  19. Dufay, chanson: Je me complains piteusement
  20. Dufay, chanson: Resvelons nous amoureux / Alons ent bien tos au may
  21. Anon., rondeau: Christo sit laus in celestibus
  22. Anon., conductus-motet: Alleluia moduletur Syon filia
Intérpretes: Brigitte Lesne (voice, harps, bells, percussion) Hélène Decarpignies (voice), Emmanuelle Gal (voice), Anne Guidet (voice), Lucie Jolivet (voice), Brigitte Le Baron (voice), Catherine Schroeder (voice), Catherine Sergent (voice), Pierre Hamon (recorders, flutes, double flutes, bagpipe, percussion, pipe & tabor), Cyrille Gerstenhaber (voice), Birgit Goris (vielle), Lucas Guimaraes-Peres (vielle), Pierre Boragno (recorder, double flute), Michaël Grebil (lute), Angélique Mauillon (harp)

Duración: 63' 22"

Lugar y fecha de grabación: Iglesia Evangélica Luterana Saint Marcel, Paris, Francia [marzo- abril 2002]

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mastranto dijo...
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Tatiana Covington dijo...

I'm sorry, but I cannot understand the instructions. How do I download this one? It says "download", but I do not get the file itself: only something else, an "ilivid", whatever that is, and far smaller than the album should be.


Anónimo dijo...

Can anyone out there tell me how to download these 4shared files? All I get is executable programs and when trying one my internet security went crazy with literally dozens of blocked for malware messages. It displayed them in groups of 6 at a time. I like this site and the music but it isn't worth risking trashing my machine for a few files and I certainly don't want to pay a premium again for just a few files. Perhaps I am missing something. If not it's not the end of the world.

Juno Melanto dijo...

If you have account in 4shared, there musnt be any problem, just click where it says download or descargar (my browser apened it in the spanish version, then it will leads to a page in which you decide if free download or premium. If you decide free download, you just need to wait 20 seconds and automaticalli will appear the file to be downloaded, just choose save and that's it.

For those who dont like dozens of malware message, use firefox and add adblock plus, that, you wont stumble with any problem of pages been display with who knows what. Making sure the firewall is activated and a good antivirus is good idea, but I think it is unnecesary in this case.

Good luck

Anton Beer dijo...

@Tatiana Covington & Anónimo: You need to register before you can download anything from 4shared. It's free and you have to give an e-mail adress. Once you've done it, it's very easy to manage, fast and allows parallel downloads.

Anónimo dijo...

To both Juno Melanto and Anton Beer, thank you. With your help I now have a download going.
Jon (Anonimo)

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