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De Castille à Samarkand - Constantinople

De Castille à Samarkand 
Constantinople - Kiya Tabassian, dir.

  Alfonso el Sabio (attr.) / Kiya Tabassian: Cantigas de Santa Maria
1. CSM ???: In praise of the sea

... for a Mediterranean voyage

Guy Ross
2. Barabam
3. Vermiculus

Crossing the Aegean Sea to the coast of Turkey

Passing through the islands of Rhodes, Chios, Leros, and Mytilini

Guy Ross

4. Perfumes of the steppes

On board the galliot, rowing

Sultan Korkut

5. Kürdi pishrow, Devr-é kebir

6. Beyâti pishrow, düyek

Crossing Iran from Tabriz to Khorasan, Passing through Tehran,

Damghan, and Neyshabur

Persian Radif

7. Ossoul

8. Châhâr-gâh
Cho Fardâ barâyad
9. Hodi
Alfonso el Sabio (attr.) / Kiya Tabassian: Cantigas de Santa Maria

10. CSM ???: Drunk on koumiss

Arrival in the land of Samarkand. Visit to the White Palace, and

the great court banquet. Meeting with Tamerlane

Trad., Uzbekistan

11. Cachyari Garalar
The silk and linen palaces of Tamerlane's wives. Wedding festivities.
Suffering, Tamerlane closes his door, and the ambassadors must leave
Trad., Uzbekistan

12. Ranolan Mosun

Return to Castille

Alfonso el Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria

13. CSM 342: Con razon nos creaturas | CSM 127: Non pod'ome pela Virgen

Intérpretes:Constantinople :Guy Ross (lute, oud, voice), Ziya Tabassian (tombak, dayereh, daf, santour, percussions), Kiya Tabassian (setar, setar pousti), Matthew Jennejohn (recorders, cornetto, mute cornett), Elin Söderström (viola da gamba, vielle)
Kiya Tabassian, dir.
Duración: 69' 09"

Lugar y fecha de grabación:
Église Saint-Augustin, Saint-Augustin de Mirabel, Quebec, Canada [12/2005]

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