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Varietie of Lute Lessons - Lutz Kirchhof

Varietie of Lute Lessons
  Lutz Kirchhof

Laurencini da Roma
 01.  Fantasie 4  
Moritz Landgraf von Hessen
02.  Pavane 1

John Dowland
03. The Right Honourable Ferdinando, his Galliard

04. The Witches daunce in the Queenes Maske 
05. Coranto 3 
06. Volt 6
 John Dowland
07. Fantasie 7
 Daniell Batchelar
 08. Pavane 4
 John Dowland
 09. The Right Honourable Robert Earle Of Essex, his Galliard 

10. Sir Henry Guilforde, his Almaine
11. Coranto 7

12. Volt 2
John Dowland

 13. Sir John Langton, his Pavin 
Robert Dowland
 14. The Right Honourable, the Lady Cliftons Spirit, Galliard /

15. 2 Queenes Maskes: The first of the Queenes Maskes /
16. The last of the Queenes Maskes

Pierre Ballard
 17. Mounsier Ballard, his Coranto 
Saman ?
 18. Mounsier Saman, his Coranto /
Gregory Huwet

 19. Fantasie 5 /
Anthonie Holborne

20. Pavane 2 /
John Dowland

21. The most high and mightie Christianus, his Galliard
22.  Sir John Smith, his Almaine
23. 2 Volten - No. 3 
24. 2 Volten - No. 1

Intérprete:  Lutz Kirchhof

Duración: 55' 35''

Lugar y fecha de grabación: Stuttgart, Alemania [Diciembre, 1981]

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Frazec (vulgo Jean-Philipe Rameau) dijo...

Feliz Navidad!
Muchas gracias por el maravilloso sítio, Mastranto!

Silvio dijo...

hola, donde esta el link? gracias

Silvio dijo...

Mastranto, please do not use upload, keep using mega, it is so much better. otherwise, thank you for all this wonderful music. best wishes

Jean Tremblay dijo...

Même commentaire que Silvio.

- mega = 15 minutes
- upload = 1h15 minutes.


Ron dijo...

Estimado Mastranto--Feliz Navidad.

Estoy de acuerdo con Silvio; hay problemas a veces cuando usar upload. Es mas mejor, para mi, si usa mega. Y muchas gracias para la musica!

Con respecto.

mastranto dijo...

@: Silvio, Ron, Jean Tremblay:
Mi Mega está lleno.
¿Estáis dispuestos a subvencionarme una cuenta premium?

Jon dijo...

While I will admit I prefer Mega what is being forgotten here is the vast amount of work you do to make these precious recordings available to us out here where all we have to do is download them. The fact that you use other options on occasion doesn't bother me in the least. I just slot a block of time where I know I won't be doing anything else on the computer, start the download and walk away. I would suggest those who have an issue do the same. And again thank you for all you do to make these recordings available. Happy New Year!!

Ron dijo...

First, I agree totally with Jon--respects and gratitude for the posts--it takes a lot of time to maintain the website and is very much appreciated.

The concern I had/have with Uploaded is not one of time. It is a technical concern with the site--each time I get pop-up screens not only urging me import their upload manager but requiring me to do so--locking up screens and necessitating a re-start of the computer. I also get warning virus messages for the Uploaded site from my security software.

Silvio dijo...

agree with Jon, the music speaks for itself. best wishes everyone.

Jon dijo...

To Ron, The only thing I have seen on Uploader is their pop-up to import their upload manager. I have not noticed any warnings from my internet security (I use Avast) and have not had to restart my computer because of screens locking up. So I don't know on that. If I have an Uploader download to do like I said previously I just start it and walk away. Also I never try to do more then one a day which works fine for this splendid site that only posts one file a week. Hope this helps or at least explains what I am seeing.
Happy New Year to all!!

espm06 dijo...

Mastranto, Feliz Navidad y buen año nuevo!
Gracias por sus increíbles posts y grandioso trabajo!

classic dijo...

Lute music is perhaps my preferred for a quite afternoon and evening!

Have a happy year!

mastranto dijo...

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