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Wolkenstein - Ensemble Alta Musica

De Monte, Landini, de Molins, Fontaine, Fabri, Grenon, u.a.
Ensemble Alta Musica - Rainer Böhm, dir.

    Christoforus de Monte
  1. Plaude decus mundi
  2. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  3. In Suria ain braiten hal
  4. Francesco Landini
  5. Ecco la primavera
  6. Questa fanciull'amor
  7. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  8. Wer die ougen wil verschüren
  9. Anon., 14th c.
  10. Je voy mon cuer
  11. Anon., 14th c.
  12. Saltarello
  13. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  14. Ave mütter küniginne
  15. Pierre de Molins
  16. De ce que fol pense
  17. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  18. Kom liebster man
  19. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  20. Mit günstlichem herzen
  21. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  22. Stand auff Maredel
  23. Pierre Fontaine
  24. A son plaisir volentiers serviroye
  25. Martinus Fabri
  26. N'ay je cause d'estre lies et joyeux
  27. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  28. O wunniklicher wolgezierter mai
  29. Nicolas Grenon
  30. La plus jolie et la plus belle
  31. Mönch von Salzburg
  32. Das Nachthorn
  33. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  34. Ain gut geporen edelman
  35. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  36. Wol auff wir wellen slauffen
  37. Oswald von Wolkenstein
  38. Zergangen ist meins herzen we
  39. Anon., 15th c.
  40. Ave mater, O Maria

Intérpretes: Ensemble Alta Musica: Maria Köpcke (soprano), Markus Schuck (tenor), Rainer Böhm (shawm, recorders, string drum), Dagmar Jaenicke (bombard, recorders), Hans-Jürgen Burggaller (bombard, fiddle), Caroline Schneider (shawm, alto), Anna Steigenberger (soprano), Petra Prieß (fiddle) - Rainer Böhm, dir. 

Duración:  51' 24"

Lugar y fecha de grabación: Andreaskirche Berlin-Wannsee, Alemania [2001]

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mastranto dijo...

Gracias a Jesús Ibáñez Moreno

600-Ensemble Alta Musica, Rainer Böhm - Oswal von Wolkenstein



itadiegues dijo...

Gracias Mastranto.

Anónimo dijo...

Pretioso Mastranto, pretioso Jesús Ibañez Moreno
tibi gratias ago pro vestra bona, et cor

WOODY dijo...

With philological and music-historical acuracy, Rainer Böhm and his ensemble have illuminated the musical (environmental) world of Oswald von Wolkenstein.
The subtlety of the song movements is reflected in the precise yet vivid interpretation. The musical structure in which Oswald recorded all the relevant musical trends of his time is at least as elaborate as the poem itself.
It almost goes without saying that the medieval practice of performing song movements in an instrumental way is also a matter of course. The artistry of the composition is thus particularly well shown to advantage.
A successful panorama of music in the early 15th century, so thank's a lot for this fine gem!

mastranto dijo...

@Woody: thanks for your exquisite comment

Jon dijo...

Post number 600! Congratuations on many years of sharing these gems with those of us out here who enjoy them. Here's to many more years of the same.